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  • Jodi Roy

Peaks and Valleys

Life winds us through peaks and valleys. They are natural to the living and growing process.

Our valleys are those times when we feel most vulnerable and defeated. During our valleys we are faced with struggles, challenges, and obstacles. It’s common for us to lament during these times, focusing on what’s going wrong and feeling trapped and helpless.

Our peaks are the moments when we feel the strongest and most successful. We celebrate our rise and we relish in the success. We feel confident and triumphant. These are the moments when we see the beauty in our lives. Unfortunately, we often forget our time in the valley while we are at our peak.

Instead of treating our valleys as times best forgotten, what would happen if we remembered them for the gifts we are given while there? if we look closely, we can see that, there too, is great beauty. It is during these times that we learn what we are made of. We discover our strengths. We identify what doesn’t work. We are humbled. These are the very moments in life we can use to positively impact us while we are in our peaks.

When we take the gifts we received during our time in the valley for granted, and leave them behind as we reach a peak, we waste the opportunity to maximize our time and potential during the peak; our discovered strengths begin to become blurry; we lose sight of who we are as a whole person; and we often forget how we reached our peak.

As you learn lessons in your valley, remember to tuck them away safely in your pocket so that you can easily reference them while in your peaks.