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  • Jodi Roy


Welcome! We’re thrilled you decided to visit New-Leaf Tidbits, where we’re passionate about assisting others to dream, believe, and achieve. Here is where you’ll find information regarding various topics, broken down into small pieces, regarding good business practices meant to help accelerate organizational growth.

Throughout my career I have been blessed to work in a variety of industries for organizations of all sizes. The one common denominator I found among them is the opportunity for growing leaders. After all, an organization’s success is directly correlated to the strength of its leadership.

In addition to leadership, I’ve observed many organizations struggle with implementing clearly written policies and well-defined processes resulting in interference with growth and prosperity. I’ve witnessed first-hand that a dysfunctional company can realize SOME successes but imagine what could be accomplished if malfunction were reduced or even eliminated!

For this reason, I bring to this blog my knowledge and experience on an array of subjects. Check back occasionally to view articles on themes surrounding:

· Leadership

· Coaching

· Customer Service

· Learning and Development

· Ethics and Values

· Performance

· Onboarding

· Compliance

· Culture

· Policies and Procedures

· Safety

· Change

If there is a particular topic you’re interested in, visit our contact page and submit your suggestion(s) via the form.

We look forward to collaborating with you.

New-Leaf Team