Our Administrative Services

HR and other administrative tasks are vital to the success of every business and every employee. New-Leaf offers the expertise of an HR department without the high cost of hiring a dedicated HR professional. We help companies stay compliant with regulations and balance the needs of employees with the interests of the organization.

Pre-Employment Process

Find and select the best candidates for your open positions. From front-line to executive-level employees, we’ll do the recruiting, interviewing, and pre-screening process leaving you more time to focus on operations.                


Orientation and On-boarding

Every organization has unique needs when it comes to orienting employees. We design company relevant programs tailored specifically to your organization’s needs. In addition, we can handle all aspects of onboarding your new employees.


Job Descriptions

New-Leaf takes great care in creating job descriptions that provide a clear understanding of the employee’s duties and responsibilities of their position. We design them in a way that protects organizations legally. Our job descriptions provide a consistent understanding across roles and how they help the organization grow. 



Have you ever wondered what the fair market wage is for a position? New-Leaf conducts expert research to identify the competitive wage for one position or all of your positions. If desired we develop an entire compensation plan for your organization.



Managing payroll can be tough for a busy small to mid-size company. Every time you hire someone, there are forms to complete, checks to sign, taxes to pay, regulations to comply with, and paid time off to track. New-Leaf works with you to optimize your payroll management and helps you minimize risk for fines and fees due to costly mistakes.



When thinking benefits, organizations usually think of health, dental, and vision. We can administer and manage these benefits from enrollment to COBRA. New-Leaf challenges you to think about what other benefits might you offer your employees. We research and brainstorm benefit options available to you the support maximum employee engagement while working within your budget.


Policies and Procedures

Policies and procedures are essential elements for any successful organization. Without them, chaos and confusion are certain to ensue. Our expertise facilitates designing policies that meet your business needs and keep you in compliance with regulations. We do this for one policy, periodic policies, or an entire handbook.



Terminating employees is the least favorite thing supervisors, managers, and business owners like to do. Unfortunately, organizations must deal with these sensitive matters on occasion. We help you ensure that this unpleasant aspect of your business is performed in the most ethical and professional manner possible, so that termination occurs in an empathetic, valuing, and respectful manner.


Compliance Surveys

Whether a small or large company, every business owner has a responsibility for complying with federal and state regulations. New-Leaf determines how well your business is operating in accordance with established compliance practices and protocols. We also propose processes that ensure complete compliance.


Workplace Investigations

Workplace investigations are important for reasons of productivity, personnel management, and litigation avoidance. New-Leaf helps sort out workplace disputes, allegations of wrong-doing, causes of accidents and a broad range of other workplace matters.

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